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    Windows 7 Startup Issues

    Possible Reasons:

    Software Driver Update.
    Microsoft Windows was not shutdown properly. (Either forced or lost power)
    Hard Drive Failure
    Other possible reasons.

    Some possible solutions are:

    Solution 1

    Try using Windows 7’s “Last Good Known Configuration”, although this isn’t a 100% solution, it does work in some cases. First thing to try.

    To do this, make sure your Desktop/Laptop is turned off.

    Turn your computer on.
    Keep tapping the f8 key ( top middle of keyboard)
    A black screen with white writing should appear.
    Using the cursor keys (arrows) select the “Last Good Known Configuration”
    The computer should reboot.

    Solution 2

    You will need a Microsoft Windows Operating Disk for this, preferably a Windows 7 disk.

    Insert Windows Operating System Disk
    Boot to DVD Drive.
    Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt
    Type rstrui.exe
    A wizard should appear, allowing you to run a System Restore back to a previous date allowing you to reboot back in to Windows as normal.

    Solution 3

    If you generally get a Windows Error Recovery page, with options Launch Startup Repair(recommended) and Start Windows Normally. Try this:

    1.Select the “StartUp Repair” and follow the instructions.

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